Helping Hands was created by Kathryn who had the idea after she became concerned for those within the community who would be isolating with limited support. The group started with a few members of the community who began to leaflet the streets of Penarth with their contact details in case anyone needed support. Within the first month of lockdown we were able to leaflet around 300 streets in Penarth with the help of our ever-growing team of volunteers. Our volunteer team consists of a range of people, all of different ages, interests and backgrounds who all collaborate to strengthen our community. The volunteers are coordinated and organised by our admin team, all residents and dedicated members of the Penarth community.


Both growing up in Penarth, they always enjoyed the close community feel. When COVID-19 began to spread they were worried about the most vulnerable in Penarth. Since setting up the group, the help from the local residents has been totally amazing so thank you to all who have been involved. 

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I have just finished my last year at school. I joined Helping Hands because I wanted to give back to the community that  I have always grown up with. It is incredible seeing such a diverse group come together and unite. 



I initially joined this group as it seemed like a great way to support those in need. Since then, it's been humbling to see the strong community spirit and amazing to meet so many new people everyday. 


When I heard Kathryn had set up the group, I knew I had to join as it was such a lovely idea. I have always wanted to do my bit to help out the community and get involved.